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Hey Brotha,

My name is Nathaniel Parker McGhee, from Saint Louis, MO (STL). I am an Athletic Scholar with dreams to be a successful business man. All my life I have had my dad, grandfathers, coaches and mentors that have given me a template for life! I would like to call it a playbook. I reached out to ask a few good MEN (Mentors) to write you letters, poems or drop a piece of advice that you can add to your personal playbook, so get ready to take notes.

Growing up in the STL, also known as the Show-Me-State has taught me that your words need to be followed up with your actions. My high school, Chaminade College Preparatory, prepared me for life with the motto “Esto Vir” to be a MAN! Just know being a man means you will make mistakes, more than once but you should try not repeat them and be responsible for your actions. You must hold yourself accountable.

As long as I can remember as a football player and student of the game of life I have had different Mentors from all walks of life to drop knowledge, give me advice, teach me to have confidence and the courage to make informed choices in life. It was a gift to me, that I felt should be shared with you! I saw them all as plays that you must read, study, and practice.

Most importantly, I learned how to be a man! How to lose, win, fall, get back up and start over again. How to be mentally strong, respect yourself and know life is definitely about YOU defining your own path and not allowing society to define you!

My dad has always been in my life and he taught me to always respect myself, speak the truth and be humble. As a lover of the game, he instills stories of wisdom over, and over again. I sat there, listened and took mental notes. My mom taught me to keep GOD & family first!

As well as to always be humble, speak my mind and to be a peacekeeper. My parents instilled in me from birth that I was born a leader, and that in our family McGhee’s make it happen. I was born on New Year’s Eve, came six weeks early, I was always fast. I was actually supposed to be due on Super bowl Sunday.

My family had already nicknamed me (TD) the touchdown baby. I guess I had my mind made up when I came early. The doctor still nick-named me (TD) said, I was a tax deduction haha. See, told you I was born a natural leader, knowing my worth! I came into the world making money. LOL.

I was also my parents' only son, with two older sisters who empowered me to know we all have our own path. They have my back and front, but we all know who was running it! Always trying to keep me in check, but I learned the game from them and dominated it! I hope as you read Dominate, you too will begin to explore what it means to define your journey as well!

In football, I have played many positions, today I’m a cornerback. No matter what sport you play, the most important will be the game of life. Growing up in my Ferguson/Florissant community I personally experienced my community fall apart in August of 2014 due to the killing of Mike Brown, the protest, and the importance of the rise of young black men like myself who needed to know that my life matters.

Please note, all young men need to they have a voice, a purpose strong mentors, role models and community that will support you. I feel all these mentors empowered me to define my path. Now it is your time.

Wait…Guess what? I’m not done yet; I’m still growing, but I also know we are never too old to learn; so lets’ get it! Use these tools to dominate life. This book leaves space for you to take notes, journal and practice the plays that will guide you to define your identity as a MAN! Enjoy your journey, know that even if you don’t have a family you always have a God, as it says in the bible Romans 5:8, I love you at your darkest. Remember, God will always have your back! Stay in touch!

Your BrothaKeeper, Mentor & Friend,

Nate Parker McGhee


Dominate Course-

Facilitators welcome to our 22 week course. Get ready to always receive a weekly quote, a weekly video, a weekly reading assignment and a weekly mental note space for your students to share your thoughts!

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~Nate P. McGhee, Founder of Dominate University

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