MENtor Group Format

Dominate Gents Weekly Meetings:

Format (Alternates Weekly):

  1. Quote of the Week: Discuss motivational quotes.
  2. Word of the Week: Increase emotional literacy.
  3. Dominate Video (Stand): Watch and discuss videos focusing on social topics.
  4. Dominate Etiquette Tips (Teach): Discuss and practice etiquette tips.
  5. Dominate (Lead) MENtal Discussions: Engage in discussions using the Dominate book.
  6. Dominate STL Mentoring Hour: Participate in the "Let Go/Let Flow" support group (optional).
  7. Dominate Pledge: Conclude each group with the Dominate Pledge.
  8. Dominate Hot Seat Guest (Monthly): Invite men to speak to the boys. Aim for 1 mentor per 10-15 mentees.

Additional Guidelines:

  • Safe Space: Provide a safe space for meetings.
  • Order Supplies: Ensure trademarked lanyards, bands, and Dominate books are ordered prior to facilitating your circle.
  • Portal Check: Review the portal before each week of facilitating.
  • Hot Seat Guest Booking: Book your Hot Seat guest in advance.
  • Supplies: Have books, pencils, pens, book bags, and other supplies ready.
  • Apparel: Purchase our trademarked T-shirts and polos with the crest for the boys.

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