I'm Nate McGhee,

Founder of Dominate U!

Dominate University is a space for You (U) to develop your mindset to know that You (U) can do anything You (U) put your mind to! I'm a student athlete, started my journey at Chaminade College Preparatory HS, Graduated and signed to attend Washburn University and transferred my sophomore year to Quincy University were I am continuing to pursue my football and Academic journey! In 2019, I wrote a book for young men and in 2020 it has now become an online platform for you to interactively take courses at your own pace to dominate the game!

It's time for you to sign up to Stand, Teach & Lead!

IF you take the commitment don't stop until you finish! Because that's what winners do, win or lose we finish the game!

Welcome to

D.O.M.I.N.A.T.E University

Our Mission is to Empower our young men to dominate life through...

Determination being Optimistic to Motivate self to develop

Intellect. To take a Stand, Teaching each other to Navigate, Articulate, Trust and Educate our community to Lead!

An Online Social Emotional Learning space for young men to develop skills & the mindset to dominate the game of life!

A 22-week interactive, self-paced, culturally-relevant course mentoring young men to

Stand, Teach & Lead (STL)